The Performance

Dear guests,

At the premises of the Equestrian Club in Karteros, we created an area of cultural activities, The Minoan Theatre.
The shape of the Theatre resembles a horseshoe in which we present a dance and acrobatics performance inspired by the Minoan Civilisation.

Our visitors will indulge their senses to the beauty and greatness of an important era, that of The Minoans, which remained in history as the Pinnacle of Peace and Prosperity.

We boldly embarked on the creation of the Minoan Performance approaching every step of the way influenced by archaeological evidence, along with admiration and respect for the greatness and timelessness that The Minoan Civilisation entails.

We turn back time 3,500 years…

This history is both a dream and a reality.
A journey in time and space.
The costumes, the Mystagogy of movement, the ancient music, involve the visitor in a feast of colour delight for one’s eyes, quenching the thirst of one’s soul with this unforgettable experience, sowing the seed of culture and knowledge.

Let us not forget that knowledge becomes invaluable and eternal when …

“what one’s eyes see at a glance cannot be described with words throughout a day.”

You are invited at the Minoan Theatre of the Palace to honour the Great Mother, Goddess Nature.

Phaedra, daughter of King Minos welcomes you.
The High-Priestess enters the Theatre bearing incense made from aromatic herbs.
Mother Nature, the Great Mother is denoted by the everlasting 2,000 year-old olive tree located at the center of the theatre. Offerings of gifts from the Cretan Land follow (carobs, chestnuts, pine cones, raisins, etc..)

Minoan ladies dance with Minoan men in honour of the Goddess.
Their bonding symbolises equality and love.

The games begin. Strength, stamina, vigour and ingenuity will emerge through the ceremony of Bull-leaping.

Survivability through the perilous games with the sacred Bull.
The High-Priestess dances with the Minotaur a ritual dance.
The experience of the Minoan era will arouse your senses.