The Minoan Diet

Olive oil, wine, honey, grains and herbs are five basic elements on the Minoan diet
Nothing is left to chance. Everything included eons of wisdom and their combinations constituted the perfect nutritional value for the people.

Diet was part of their religion, worship, communication, philosophy, medicine and healing, as well as every expression of the human consciousness and spirit.

The simplicity and the combinations of the raw materials produced from the Cretan Land reached contemporary times, where …

Flavor Meet Memories


Guests will have the ability to taste both Minoan and traditional Cretan delicacies of the modern era, so as to be able to compare the two. They will visit our Minoan kitchen and admire our clay cooking pottery in which the food served later will be cooked.

The Minoan Culture will be uncovered before the spectators eyes through the premises, the aromas, the music, the colours, the flavours, the dances and the Minoan Cuisine. A unique experience that will remain on our visitors mind as one of the most important moments of their holiday. This sense of living – even for a little while – within the first ever universal civilization. 

Minoan meal preparations