The Minoan Night Experience

Theatrical Performance combined with a gastronomical journey from Minoan to modern day Cretan cuisine, accompanied by live Greek music and dancing. 

The Minoan Night Experience includes:

Performance + Cretan/Minoan meal + Live music & Dancing

The Minoan Night Experience begins with the theatrical dance and acrobatics performance. At the end, the Minoans invite spectators to take part in an interactive game with (mitos) Ariadne’s thread. Dancing to the sounds of drum banging and singing they get intertwined together. 

Guests are welcomed in the Minoan dinning area, where they will experience  the Minoan and modern day Cretan cuisine. A special live music set accompanies the dinner, starting with music played with ancient and modern Greek instruments, moving towards a more traditional Greek fiesta with dancing. 

*Every Thursday 19:30 – 23:00 from June to August and 19:15-22:45 September and May.

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The Minoan meal

The Minoan meal is prepared and cooked in our Minoan Kitchen, which guests are allowed to visit. Guests can indulge themselves in unique ancient flavours including:

  1. Hand kneaded bread with barley and wheat (at the table you have the option to use olive oil and aromatic oregano on the bread to give it a special taste)
  2. Cretan Olives
  3. Garbanzo (chickpea) salad (humous)
  4. Green Salad (a variety of wild plants (greens) of the Cretan Land)
  5. Cretan (small) cheese pies and green pies
  6. Chicken with mustard and herbs.
  7. Panspermia (a great mix of leguminous vegetables – protein seeds – cooked with honey and raisins, dried figs, herbs and sesame seeds.)
  8. Kandavlos (variety of meats on stick)
  9. Seasonal fruits

The modern day Cretan meal includes:

  1. Peasant’s bread, rusks and breadsticks
  2. Barley Cretan rusks (Dakos) with grated tomatoes and feta cheese
  3. Cretan olives and olive pate
  4. Tzatziki
  5. Traditional Greek salad
  6. Egg Plant (Aubergine) salad
  7. Boiled Greens with potatoes and courgettes
  8. Fava with onions and parsley
  9. Briam (a variety of vegetables and spices and herbs cooked in the oven)
  10. Stuffed courgette flowers or stuffed vine leaves
  11. Moussaka (Distinctive Cretan World-famous Dish)
  12. Potatoes in the oven
  13. Chicken and okra stew
  14. Souvlaki (Pork meat on spike) grilled on charcoals
  15. Veal burger grilled on charcoals
  16. Dessert (walnut pie, original gelatine desserts with yoghurt)
  17. White wine
  18. Red wine
  19. Spring bottled water
  20. Soft drinks
  21. Raki with dessert

“A unique 3-hours journey to minoan civilization and gastronomy”

visitors reviews

Wow wow what a night!!

This was our highlight of a very good week in Crete. Our night started when Nikolaus picked us up in his coach, his humour and tales/ info on the way to the venue kept us amused all the way. On arrival ”...more”
we was met by our host for the evening who gave us a quick brief on what to expect and guided us to our free arrival drink. We had approx 20 mins free time before the show started but the show was well worth the wait.the show is a dance presentation telling the tale of the minoans and the minator. After the show you are shown to the feast by the Minoan dancers in a torch lead parade. The banquet was spectacular with a mix of old Cretan and new Cretan cuisine, all accompanied by live Cretan music and dance which also has some audience participation. We never knew what to expect from this adventure as we were the first ever guests on this new excursion for Tui, what I can say is thank you to our Tui rep Jackie for advising us to try this and an even bigger thank you for all involved in this Minoan Night.
An unforgettable experience

Way beyond expectations! Amazing location - beautiful domain with olive garden, horse stables, a small minoan theater! Spectacular show - 1st part performance of minoan rituals and ancient traditions in the minoan theatre - 2nd part traditional Cretan ”...more”
traditional Cretan and Greek dances some of them interactive Faboulous food - free buffet of traditional Cretan food. Includes a variety of meat and vegetarian options, homemade deserts, wine, raki and non-alcholic drinks (traditional cold herbal tea is highly recommended for non-drinkers) Bonus - at the end of the evening you are invited to write down a wish on a piece of paper and throw it into a small pyre in honor of Mother Nature. By far the best Greek night I have experienced. Highly recommend!
Cris Po
Beautiful, unforgettable experience!

A lovely and memorable evening--way above my expectations. It's on the grounds of an equestrian center, beautifully maintained. The theater is built separately to replicate an ancient one - and it feels authentic. There are beautiful, thousand-year old olives ”...more”
scattered about. The hosts are gracious and you are welcomed with wine, raki, or water, depending on your preference. The show was tasteful and moving, inspired by Minoan frescoes at Knossos, with beautiful dancers who know how to entertain and interact with the public. The men were wonderful acrobats (they were replicating some ancient feats of strength, including bull jumping). The dinner was AMAZING--with Minoan and Cretan dishes which were clearly very well researched, but beyond that, tasted amazing (plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, btw). Lots of wine/raki available as well. We were entertained then by a group of great musicians with authentic instruments -- I love Greek music so that was really awesome; we were also invited to dance in the hora, led by their (amazing!) dancers. The night ended with a special ceremony (we wrote a wish and threw it in a pyre for good luck). I went with my family and kid (6 yo) - the kid was mightily entertained and joined the dancers at every opportunity (she also got a pony ride before the festivities). Overall, I couldn't recommend more; oh, and it's very reasonably priced for what you get.
Cristina HB

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