The Minoan Day Experience

The theatrical production is a dance and acrobatics performance and it includes:
Welcoming of Phaedra daughter of King Minos, Libation to the Earth Goddess, Bull Leaping, Minoan sports, Prayer to the Great Mother Gaia etc.The duration of the performance is 35 minutes, so it can easily be adjusted to pre-existing itineraries (e.g. after a visit to Knossos or Heraklion Archaeological Museum or any other related visit) or can take place as an independent activity.

Performance + "Kerasma"

Performance + Kerasma:

Theatrical Performance combined with a Minoan kerasma.

1. Hand headed bread (at the table you have the option to use olive oil and aromatic oregano on the bread to give it a special taste)

2. Cretan olives

3. Cold salad Paspermia (five different types of legumes with parsley, dill and sesame)

4. Homemade ice tea

5. Spring water

*Every Tuesday and  Thursday  15:00-16:10

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visitors reviews

Discover the Minoan culture!

An extremely remarkable, educational and entertaining show for young and old regarding the ancient times of Minoan culture in Crete. Very detailed ”...more”
in the way of celebrating holidays and lifestyle, theatrical performance combined with the warm hospitality and a sweet treat is an ideal destination. Congratulations!!! It was a unique experience!
martha B
A jump in the past

I participated with my family in this fantastic experience of returning to the Minoan past. In a large wooden hut and leaves we were offered warm typical sweets and fruit accompanied by raki and a Greek herbal tea. We then moved to the nearby stone amphitheater ”...more”
dominated by an age-old olive tree and witnessed a show that literally transported us back to Minoan times. Very good the dancers who have succeeded with only the body language and the sound of drums to understand the uses and customs of a time so far away. The ballet with the bull (naturally not real) and the colorful costumes of women are very scenic. Eventually the dancers involved me with other spectators, in a ballet that represented Arianna and her thread in the labyrinth .... very engaging. In short, an experience that I highly recommend. I only regret not being able to participate in the evening experience that includes dinner and a show. The duration of the daily experience is € 15 and the total duration is just over 1 hour, of which around 40 minutes of pure entertainment. The daily show is on Thursday at 15.00. And don't be afraid of suffering from the heat as the amphitheater is shaded by sheets and thanked by fans and water vaporisers.
A mind blowing experience of the MINOAN civilization

This attraction is a unique experience that gives you a real feeling of the life in the Palace of Knossos. A performance with great music, ”...more”
ubelievable costumes, beautiful dancers and much more not easy to describe. If you visit Knossos, please do not miss this performance. It is educational, cultural but above all an experience of a life time, a performance to be remembered from your visit to Crete....