The Minoan Experience

At the premises of the Equestrian Club in Karteros, we created an area of cultural activities, the Minoan Theater. Our visitors will indulge their senses to the beauty and greatness of an important era, that of The Minoans, which remained in history as the Pinnacle of Peace and Prosperity.
It has been written that they may have been the happiest people to walk the earth.
Their famous capital, Knossos, is decorated with wonderful frescoes full of cheerful colours, slender, young ladies and athletic men. They were peaceful people who were after good sportsmanship at least 1,000 years before the first Olympic Games. The labrys and the bull, which they confronted in dangerous bull-leaping rituals, are the sacred symbols of this civilization.
Nowadays, the Minoans are an exotic mystery, but they are also a source of inspiration and creation to all of us. Enjoy the journey to their colourful world…

Meet the Minoans!

A unique three hour experience from the past to the present:


We turn back time 3,500 years… This history if both a dream and a reality. A journey in time and space. You are invited at the Minoan Theater of the Palace to honour the Great Mother, Goddess Nature. Phaedra, daughter of King Minos welcomes you…

The Minoan ladies dance to honour the Goddess along with the men. Their union, a symbol of equality and love in honour of the Great Mother.

The games will begin. Strength, stamina and intelligence will surface through the bull games, surviving the fatal risks of the game with the sacred bull.

The high priestess embraces the Minotaur in a ritual dance.


Olive oil, wine, honey, grains and herbs are five basic elements on the Minoan diet

Nothing is left to chance. Everything included eons of wisdom and their combinations constituted the perfect nutritional value for the people.

Diet was part of their religion, worship, communication, philosophy, medicine and healing, as well as every expression of the human consciousness and spirit.

“A unique journey to minoan civilization and gastronomy”

visitors reviews

There is a kind of flame in Crete - let us call it "soul" ...

The great author Nikos Kazantzakis said of Crete that there is "something more powerful than either life or death" here. In his "Letter to Greco" Greece's most famous writer wrote about the inexpressible character of this amazing Island ... ”...more”
but even he could not begin to explain the feeling that grips you when you come into the spiritual sphere of the ancient Minoans. The moment we stepped into the Minoan amphitheater, as soon as the silent procession of the high priestess began, we were captivated in the knowledge this Cretan event would be very special. As we later discovered, the creators of this amazing spectacle left no Minoan sealstone unturned in order to create a truly authentic experience. There are 1,000 "bucket list" things to, see, hear, feel, taste, and experience here on amazing Crete, the Minoan Theater experience is in the top 10 absolutely. For anyone remotely interested in our true heritage, and the mysterious people known as the Minoans, you must attend one of these events outside Heraklion in Karteros. As a top TripAdvisor reviewer, I cannot recommend any attraction higher.
Unforgettable experience!!! Don’t miss it!!

We were brought to a beautiful open theater made of stone and attended a capturing dance and acrobatics performance. Impressive colorful costumes produced from quality materials danced to a ritual-choreography that ”...more”
seemed to be created with great respect to the Minoan culture. At the end of the theatrical performance we were brought to the dining area. We tasted handmade delicious food from the Minoan and Cretan cuisine along with Cretan wine and raki. Food is being cooked in real wood fire in traditional clay pots. Live music and dancing show was the element of surprise of the night, were we ended up dancing to Greek music!! Great staff, AMAZING customer care! I definitely recommend it as a MUST SEE in Crete, even for families with children who will enjoy the educational and entertainment aspects.

We were informed of this by our rep. First off, it’s not your typical “touristy” experience. It’s very clear and obvious that the performers and other staff have clearly done their research ”...more”
into what they are performing. The performance in the theatre is a recreation of Greek Mythology going back over 3000yrs, so if you’re into that, you’ll love it and even if you’re not, we’re still convinced you’ll love it. The performers are at the top of their game and clearly love what they do as it comes through in what they do. There’s even a performance in how you’re taken down to eat. For the price you pay, you get transport to and from your hotel, entertainment, food and wine (The food is a buffet of Cretan food) and the food is top quality (I fear I’ve gained several kilos) I’m not going to say much more as I don’t think I can do it justice, you need to go and see it for yourself I would certainly go again.